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    Hanami, Tsukimi, and Yukimi "Hanami" Watch (Ref. The 33222/000R-9701) shows the blossoming of cherry trees in spring. This is a strong symbol of renewal and purity. The cherry blossoms, which literally painted the country pink from March until the beginning of May, had a strong impact on how the Japanese developed a relationship with nature. The Japanese have a deep-rooted culture of "Hanami", or the admiration of flowers.

    The "Hanami' timepiece features a dial with a delicate cherry blossom motif, while its back is decorated with a willow leaf, river, and traditional Japanese bridge.

    33222/000R-9704) which represents the evening of contemplation of the full moon ("Tsukimi") celebrates the first full moon of fall. The "Tsukimi" watch (Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver Replica Watches tradition during the Heian period (794-1185) and it became a popular costume during the Edo period (1603-1868), when peasants used it to mark the end harvest. The full moon is also the most elegant and refined part of Japanese culture. It's partially covered by clouds.

    The dial of the "Tsukimi", timepiece features this motif. The black lacquer is covered with golden dust, which creates a picture of the full moon and clouds.Replica Breguet Watches The back of the watch features Japanese maples with bright red tones, which are typical for autumn, and a "torii", a portal commonly found at the entrance of Shintoist shrines.

    The "Yukimi Watch" (Ref. The "Yukimi" watch (Ref. The dial of the "Yukimi", a watch, is decorated with beautiful silhouettes of crystal snow.

    The image on the back of the case tells a different story. The Japanese use "Yukizuri" to prevent trees from bending under heavy snowfall. Golden powder on the second dial highlights the elegant lines of Yukizuri.