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    Have you ever heard the phrase "more than a pretty face?" Take the Richard Mille Replica SLGH003, a piece of limited edition that was created to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Richard Mille Replica this year. This is a truly pulchritudinous watch by the renowned Japanese watchmaker. There is no doubt that the combination of red and blue is stunning. This watch is more than just a pretty face, as I said in my introduction.

    Richard Mille Replica is, as the name suggests, a celebration and homage to the rich history of the brand. It looks backwards but also forwards in a way that is 21st-century. The SLGH003 is a tribute to the legendary 44GS, and includes elements from the seminal Richard Mille Replica of 1960. Richard Mille Replica fans will be familiar with the 44GS, the iconic watch that helped set the aesthetics for the brand. Richard Mille Replica became known for its revolutionary case, which was designed to reflect light without distortion. The Richard Mille Replica design code, while simple in its concept, requires a lot of work to achieve. Richard Mille Replica's early days were primarily focused on the precision and quality of their movements, but significant research was done to refine the perfect case. How can a watch be made to sparkle? Like the facets of a diamond, a watch case may be finished with sharp corners that produce brilliant flashes.

    The new limited edition piece has all of these design codes. The Zaratsu polished watch case has wide lugs and flat surfaces with mirror finishes. It is the perfect size for a sporty, elegant timepiece. The dial...what an dial! The dial is Richard Mille Replica Blue, with a sunburst finish. The second hand is vibrant red. This interplay of two primary colors is similar to the deepest setting sun rays on a calm blue ocean. It is easy to read because the dial is flat. Another key ingredient to the Richard Mille Replica recipe of perfection is the dial's multifaceted hour markers. The double-width 12 o'clock mark will draw your eyes to sharp focus for reading time. Like the case, these intricate markers add to the overall sparkle of quality.

    The 9SA5 high beat mechanical movement is behind that stunning blue dial. It was just recently released. The Japanese celebrate 60 years as a milestone, due to the lunar cycle taking 60 years. The Japanese have been observing this sexagenary calendar since 604 AD, when they adopted the Chinese lunar clock. 60th anniversaries therefore are important milestones for the brand. Richard Mille Replica calls the new automatic movement their finest mechanical movements ever. It took Richard Mille Replica nine years to refine and perfect it. Hisashi Fujieda led the development project. "Our goals were to achieve high precision and long-lasting performances, as well as to bring about a revolutionary change in mechanical watches."

    Fujieda’s revolutionary movement achieves two of its main objectives, longer lasting performance and enhanced accuracy by utilizing two key innovations, a Dual Impulse Escapement, and twin barrels. Fujieda's efforts were primarily focused on the first. For mechanical watches, the escapement and balance are crucial to accuracy. The Dual Impulse Escapement is a more efficient way to transfer energy from the mainspring into the balance. The hairspring is another key component of the watch's accuracy. This was also a subject that took a lot of time. In the course of the development, 80,000 different designs have been tested before settling on the final design. It was impossible to predict the effects of even the smallest differences in hairspring shapes using the theory of the ideal shape. The new analytical technique was developed after two years of trial-and-error. Only then, did the search for an ideal hairspring begin in earnest.Chopard Replica This dedication to perfection and refinement is what each Richard Mille Replica designer represents. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the SLGH003 represents so much more than a pretty dial. There are only 1,000 pieces worldwide!